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In Consuelo Miñana, s.l. we realize all the administrative negotiations and take charge of the securing of the Medical Certificate of Death, the inscription in the Registry office, the sanitary steps, and all the steps or offices are necessary to be able to realize the funeral service.

Notes, notification of death: From our hiring department it will be able to request the notes publication in any newspaper, as well as obituary notes in radio.


Personalize the ceremony: Produce the only and singular homage in memory of its deceased relative. We will help him to design the act as you want, so much if it is religious as if it is lay. You will be able to decide how he wants that the ceremony develops to go deep into the memory and into the memory of its deceased relative, and its duration.

musica de camara

Music: We can offer him an exclusive service of music, carried out by a group of camera.
    These big professionals will interpret for you the elected work, according to the tastes and needs for the moment.



We are provided with personnel qualified to realize works of conditioning of the deceased so that the dears keep the best memory of the person died at the moment of its farewell.


In Consuelo Miñana, s.l. we take charge of the management of all the necessary administrative steps immediately after the death: securing of certificates, record, steps of grave or transfers.

National transfers and repatriations:
   The personnel of Consuelo Miñana, s.l. he is in charge of realizing the necessary steps, in those cases in which it is needed to move the body of a deceased to any population of Spain or the foreigner.

Our clients can trust in us to offer them a service of maximum quality and at an accessible price.

Personalize its floral gift: Any floral ornament can be sent to its room, choosing between a large number of centers, branches, crowns or any other element that you suggest us, that will be made in our Floral Shops in the moment, guaranteeing this way its absolute freshness and major duration.

flores flores flores

We will inform him in detail about all our floral offer, will give him ideas and will help him to take decisions.

In Consuelo Miñana, s.l. we will offer him a big variety of models of coffins that you will be able to form in all its details and finished.


The crematory stove is placed inside Morgue Mondúver of Gandia, its access being realized by Ctra. de Almoines or by street Sant Enric.


It is provided with a multiconfessional room in which him last moments devote themselves to the deceased before proceeding to its incineration.

The farewell can be realized by means of a small prayer for the dead pronounced by some relative.

In the same way, this so special moment can be accompanied by a musical topic selected by the family.

Urns: We will offer him diverse urns models so that you could choose for size and for material: bronze, alabaster, wood and steel, all of them with different finished.
   Choose a biodegradable urn if its desire is to bury it in the nature or to throw it to the sea.

urna urna urna urna urnas urna

Transform the ashes of its dear into a diamond: Entrust the only and unrepeatable diamond from the ashes of its deceased relative.


We will take charge of the whole process and will advise him on the different possibilities that this emotive form of memory offers.

Our Morgues are provided with rooms of sober and warm decoration, in addition to the common spaces, especially designed to make the stay of the relatives more kind, facilitating the necessary withdrawal in moments of affliction.

Sala tanatorio Oratorio

The multiconfessional oratory is the same way at its disposal for its withdrawal, or the achievement of any religious practice, preroute request and with the due advance.

Service of snack bar and catering, to meet its demands and those of the big number of friends and relatives who will visit them in so painful moments.